"B-SPLASH" Handmade Clay Leaf trinket

Dimensions: 15 cm in length, 8.5 cm in width, with a thickness of 4 mm.


Feel welcome to purchase this extraordinary work of art, which will add incomparable allure to your home or make a perfect gift for someone special.

This unique piece features:

- Only 1 piece made

- Handmade ceramic plate shaped like a leaf

- Beige-peach color with black decoration and silver edge embellishments

- Matte finish coated with protective lacquer

- Lightweight and durable construction

- Perfect for storing smaller items like jewelry or soap, or as a stylish candle holder.

Unique Handmade clay art, I've made only 1 piece of this plate for the B-splash Collection.

The matte finish of this plate is coated with a protective lacquer, ensuring durability and resistance to damage. It's perfect for storing smaller items such as jewelry or hairpins. It can also serve as a stylish candle holder, adding charm and character to any space.


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