In our offer you can find a wide selection of zero waste products to help you reduce your ecological footprint.

Those are the materials and sources we use:

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Meet the Maker

We are a small company based in Poland, that was created out of passion
for creating unique things. At QUKI DESIGN, we focus on original and handmade products. Each of our products is carefully made, paying attention to the smallest details.

Our ceramic products are real work of art that will decorate your interior.

Our soy candles are not only beautifully scented, but also

an environmentally friendly solution. Wedding accessories that you will find in my store are the perfect complement to your special day. We offer elegant and tasteful accessories that will certainly emphasize the beauty of your ceremony.

The paintings we offer are original works of art that will add character to your interior. 

In addition, we also specialize in leathercraft, i.e. making unique products from natural leather. Stationery will let you stay inspired ,where practical usage meets visual please.


Our products are durable and elegant, perfect as a gift

for yourself or a loved one.


We are the proud owners of QUKI DESIGN and we create treasures with great passion.

Feel free to look around the store and see our offer.


Join the group of our satisfied customers and enjoy beautiful and unique QUKI DESIGN products.

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